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christian praetorius

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highlight: razionalismo in rome and sabaudia

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london: battersea power station, november 2007. photo by benedikt hotze


a selection of my texts and photos 

my older tech stuff my visit of the international building exposition hamburg (pdf, 2013) pc lenses and 35mm cameras my report on wolfsburg-detmerode (pdf, 2013) point-and-shoot cameras
contact, imprint my report on three flat houses in the berlin hansaviertel (pdf, 2012)  
curriculum vitae my report on the transformation of a taut house to a holiday home (pdf, 2012)  
picture of myself (2000) my report on modernist university buildings in braunschweig (pdf, 2011)
my pictures of old cinemas in sachsen-anhalt (pdf, 2011)
my impressions of a luigi snozzi exhibition in lausanne (pdf, 2011)

my report on a 1920s scharoun housing estate in east prussia (pdf, 2010)

my story of the berlin based architects fehling gogel noebel (pdf, 2009)
my guide to modernist architecture in katowice/poland (pdf, 2009)
my article on the parliament building in hannover (pdf, 2009)
my report on battersea power station (pdf, 2007)
my report on post war modernism in munich (pdf, 2008)
my report on elbe island hamburg-wilhelmsburg (pdf, 2008)
my cottbus lecture on architectural education (2006)
my bochum laudation (2005)
my bochum lecture on architecture and media (2005)
one of these days in london... (2003)
my text and photos on new housing projects in berlin (1999)
my photos of rationalist architecture in rome (1999-2002)
my text on axel schultes (1999)
my text on architecture in brno / cz (1999)
my opinion about the munich olympic stadium (2000)
deep purple: "everything louder than everything else" (2001)
my report on bauhaus dessau (1995)

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